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  • 1_double your hives
  • 2_unique in proven long term efficacy
  • 3_natural bioactives


  • ...It appears HiveAlive saved my bees.
    G. Coyne, Ireland
  • Every one of my 300 hives survived the winter. I am extremely impressed with HiveAlive and will continue to use it for all my hives.
    Peter Little, commercial beekeeper.
  • I used HiveAlive in the autumn for one apiary. I was getting poor results from this apiary and suspected Nosema...It yielded 36% more honey than my overall average yield this year. Impressive, especially given the fact that two of the hives in that apiary swarmed!!
    Micheál Mac Giolla Coda, NatDipSc (Apic), CFL, FIBKA Honey Judge, BBKA Senior Honey Judge
  • …I also noticed HiveAlive cleared up Chalkbrood.
    G Coyne, Ireland
  • …What a difference whole frames full of capped brood and very much more active. HiveAlive has certainly sorted them out.
    Chris Tomlins, UK
  • I had a very weak six hive apiary, four died out and the other two were weak and tested positive for Nosema. I used HiveAlive last autumn … they are now strong and produced an excellent crop of honey. Both recently tested clear of Nosema.
    G Coyne, Ireland
  • … I will be ordering another bottle to enable me to feed all my hives going in to the winter as per the directions.
    Chris Tomlins, UK
  • I had a number of apideas full of Chalkbrood. Shortly after feeding syrup with HiveAlive™ it disappeared. I plan to add HiveAlive™ to all my hives this year.
    John Summerville, Respected beekeeper & winner of prizes at Irish & UK National shows
  • HiveAlive is a good and effective product – definitely worth the investment.
    Steve Irish, UK
  • The queen, who is now 3 years old, is thriving and the hive is in excellent shape with no sign of disease, and this after 4 treatments with "HiveAlive" spread over 3 seasons.
    As you can see I can only be satisfied with your product.
    Maurice Feltin, France

  • This is brilliant stuff!
    E O' Riordan, Ireland
  • The syrup did not show any sign of mould – which is a first for me.
    Steve Irish, UK
  • I used HiveAlive™ in October and February and I must say that there has been a dramatic improvement in population abundance, behaviour (very little hives have swarmed!) and spring yields. So far the outcome after using HiveAlive™ is positive.
    Beekeeper, Celtrá, Girona, Spain
  • We have noticed that HiveAlive™ has improved queen acceptance in some nucs and that syrup and patties enriched with HiveAlive™ were consumed quicker than the controls.
    Melvin Magri, Apiculture Expert, Malta
  • Beekeepers found HiveAlive™ to be positive for overall hive health, for the preservation of syrup and Varroa drop when drenched.
    Melvin Magri, Apiculture Expert, Malta
  • I used 5ml of HiveAlive™ per 500 ml of syrup, and then repeated for 7 days, I saw real progress so now I use HiveAlive™ when I suspect symptoms of a weak hive. My colonies are more productive, better nourished and stronger!"
    Honey Bee Vet, Northern Spain
  • I used HiveAlive™ in the fall and in the spring. After use more hives are surviving, the colonies are stronger and there are more workers per colony. HiveAlive™ is definitely beneficial.
    José María Tirado, Beekeeper, Madrigal de la Vera, Cáceres, Spain
  • Greek beekeepers that have tried HiveAlive during fall 2014, have reported no severe infections from Nosema.
    Manolis Skareas, M.Sc. Agronomy (University of Reading)
  • ...those who added HiveAlive in during spring 2015, reported good results as far as quality and quantity of egg laying and brood extend.
    Manolis Skareas, M.Sc. Agronomy (University of Reading)
  • We have used HiveAlive in our apairy, at Rafina, Athens, and we would like to confirm promising results.
    Manolis Skareas, M.Sc. Agronomy (University of Reading)


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